Veloroute Münster

Münster is a German city in North Rhine-Westphalia on the North European Plain, about 35 miles east of The Netherlands. With a university, an airport and around 300,000 citizens, it is a city of considerable size and with a mature infrastructure. Within its city limits, Münster has a Dutch-style cycling culture, with levels of cycling participation being one of the highest in Germany. Cycling infrastructure is generally pretty good. The city has a traffic-calmed city centre and cycle routes to most suburban areas.

Just outside the city, however, many cycling facilities come to an abrupt end. The local authorities wish now to develop a high-quality cycle route between Münster and Nottuln. This town of 20,000 citizens is just twelve miles away from Münster’s city centre. As Nottuln doesn’t have a railway station, many commuters are dependent on cars. With the popularity of the E-bike, a cycling super highway Dutch-style would create a low-emission alternative for many. This is where Loendersloot International comes into the story. The Netherlands has many cycling super highways and Loendersloot International was involved in the development of several routes and the set up of new nationwide designs.

Search for the best route

For the Münster-Nottuln Veloroute, Loendersloot International was initially focusing on the Münster urban section. This section needs to be high profile, setting a new standard also for the city itself. This makes the task complex, as existing infrastructure will need to be adapted. Major road works and temporary disruption may be required, with the final outcome effecting current traffic dynamics.

Loendersloot International made an analysis of the possible route options, based on various criteria. The number of stops and intersections on the route, the attractiveness of the route for cyclists, safety and costs were all included in this analysis. By investigating three different routes, the best outcome is judged per route option. The findings resulting from this analysis have since been presented to the municipality of Münster, which can now make a well-considered choice.

Cycling mobility worldwide

The Veloroute Münster is an example of a multidisciplinary project in which Loendersloot International not only shares its cycling knowledge, but also combines it with expertise in the field of traffic management and practical solutions.

In addition to our work in Germany, Loendersloot International regularly publishes studies in the field of cycling mobility and infrastructure. It is part of Loendersloot International’s vision to make contributions to sustainable mobility worldwide.