Research shows demand for ‘Flo’

‘Flo’, derived from the word flow, is a system integrator facilitating cyclists on cycle paths approaching junctions with separate flows for motorists and cyclists. The ‘flo’ intends to time the arrival of cyclists at the lights of the junction, so no stopping, waiting and restarting is required. The flo does this by advising approaching cyclists to pedal a bit harder (image of a hare), keep the same speed (‘thumbs up’) or to slow down (image of a turtle) to make the next green light.

Pilot projects have been running since 2017 on busy urban routes, where a line of junctions with traffic lights generally slows the traffic flow. This flow of cycle traffic has proven to increase by 3% at rush hours and by 8% at other times. Observational research also showed that more cyclists made the green light at junctions with a Flo in place. Research by Utrecht University also indicated that the cycling public would like to see the Flo on other routes. The overall cycle journey experience improves due to the Flo.