Light Electronic Cargo Vehicles for inspection and maintenance

Use of ‘LEVVs’ (Dutch abbreviation for Light Electronic Cargo Vehicles) is on the rise in The Netherlands. This is shown in recent research by Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and Loendersloot, as commisioned by Connekt. The number of items that a company transports per working day with LEVVs has increased in recent years, as has the average distance driven per day.

The most popular LEVV is the electric cargo bike. These are mainly used for courier services, but alternative deployments are possible as well. Loendersloot International is now using its recently purchased e-cargo bike for the transport of materials for traffic measures, thanks to a subsidy from Gelderland province. The use of Loendersloot International’s electric cargo bike has advantages in places that are difficult to access by car.

Railway paths and nature reserves

A good example is Loendersloot International’s inspection and maintenance contract for the international draisine railway along the Europa Radbahn Groesbeek-Kleve cycle route. The long-distance cycle path alongside the tracks leads through a rural area and the use of conventional maintenance vehicles would result in a closure of this route over a relatively large distance, with unacceptable diversions for cycling commuters. The e-cargo bike is also excellent for maintenance work in nature reserves and historic canal zones, where access is limited to relatively narrow (tow) paths.

Naturally, this form of LEVV-usage also offers advantages in urban areas. The e-cargo bike is extremely suitable for transport and placement of traffic measures at events and festivals and maintenance and replacement of traffic signs. In addition, Loendersloot International uses the e-cargo bike for traffic counts and research, with a counting device fitted to the bike.

With the e-cargo bike, Loendersloot is contributing to the sustainable realisation of traffic measures and is achieving a sustainable expansion of its services. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in our sustainable service.